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Bill Payment
Step 1 of 4: Provide Your Dry Goods Charge Card Information
Please provide your Dry Goods charge card information.
For security purposes, the account information provided must match the account information on your billing statement.
  • Automatic Payment Enrollment is a monthly recurring payment enrollment. The amount of the payment has two options, the Amount Due or the Account Balance. Your most recent billing statement specifies the amount of both options. Automatic Payments are automatically withdrawn from your specified bank account on the last banking day on or before your payment due date.
  • A One-Time Payment is a non-recurring payment that is processed for an amount specified by you on a banking date specified by you. One-Time Payments cannot be scheduled for a date beyond your next due date.
  • Both Automatic Payment Enrollment and One-Time Payments must be submitted 3 business days prior to the scheduled withdrawal from the bank account.
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